a three-part series curated by Andy Ditzler for Atlanta Celebrates Photography

Part 2
Songs of Devotion: films by Nathaniel Dorsky
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
8:00 PM at

"each [film] is an exquisite meditation on the random beauty of the world...a collection of fleeting images so beautiful you want to take them home and live with them" - the New York Times

"Old School doesn't describe it...[Dorsky's] world is a sublime mystery measured by patience and unmatched visual insight" - Film Comment

image from Nathaniel Dorsky's Alaya

Since the early 1960s, Nathaniel Dorsky has been one of the great practitioners of meditative cinema. Projected at the non-standard rate of eighteen frames per second (which he refers to as “sacred speed”), Dorsky’s films are an explicit invitation to increase our awareness of moment-to-moment existence and experience a sense of reverence for the visual world.

is an exquisitely photographed film on the beauty of sand, in which grains of sand and the grain of different film stocks merge into a unique visual texture. Triste and Variations continue Dorsky’s intense engagement with the images of everyday life, skillfully edited to highlight their interrelatedness, and by extension our own.

Alaya (1987), 28 minutes, 18fps, color/silent
Triste (1996), 19 minutes, 18fps, color/silent
Variations (1998), 24 minutes, 18fps, color/silent
program subject to change

image from Nathaniel Dorsky's Variations

290 Martin Luther King Jr Dr Suite 8, Atlanta, GA, 30312

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