Friendly Witness and Other Films
a three-part series, curated by Andy Ditzler for Atlanta Celebrates Photography

Part 2
Thursday, October 28, 2010
7:00 PM at

Warren Sonbert (courtesy the Estate of Warren Sonbert)

A "friendly witness," Warren Sonbert (1947-1995) holds a unique place in American independent film. On one hand he shows the distinct influence of Hitchcock and the Hollywood melodramas of Douglas Sirk, and on the other he was a rigorous avant-gardist. Combining breathtaking photography with some of cinema’s most complex montage editing, he created an exhilarating body of work – compassionate meditations on global humanity that are visually sumptuous and structurally brilliant. Sonbert's films have been the subject of retrospectives at the Guggenheim Museum and other institutions, but remain available only in 16mm prints and are too rarely screened. Atlanta Celebrates Photography and Film Love present three nights of films by this crucial figure of the American avant-garde.


Eyedrum | Thursday, October 28, 2010 | 7:00 pm | free

Sonbert's later filmmaking combines his precise but unconventional eye for color, composition, and shot content with his intricate and highly personal editing technique. Amassing voluminous footage from his world travels, he edited shots from multiple locations into seamless film journeys, bringing out subtle connections between people in vastly different locations. Program Two presents Sonbert's magnum opus in this style (and his longest film), Carriage Trade.

Carriage Trade (1972), 16mm, silent, 61 minutes

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WARREN SONBERT: FRIENDLY WITNESS AND OTHER FILMS is a Film Love event, programmed and hosted by Andy Ditzler for Frequent Small Meals. Film Love exists to provide access to great but rarely-screened films, and to promote awareness of the rich history of experimental and avant-garde film. Film Love was voted Best Film Series in Atlanta by the critics of Creative Loafing in 2006, and was featured in Atlanta Magazine's Best of Atlanta 2009.

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