The set list (and the media) for Bill Daniel's screening (courtesy Bill Daniel)

SFVHS: California Artists’ Video 1988-1999
Guest curator/filmmaker Bill Daniel in person

Friday, June 18, 2016
7:30 pm at Eyedrum

Film Love presents legendary filmmaker Bill Daniel, whose 2005 train-hopping graffiti doc Who Is Bozo Texino? and years of activist video work have proven influential on a generation of DIY artists. Fresh from teaching at the revitalized Black Mountain School, Daniel has undertaken a southern tour, guest-curating a treasure trove of rare and nearly forgotten VHS video works from 80s and 90s San Francisco. From the curator:

"Roving artist and makeshift film scholar, Bill Daniel, has dug deep into his milk crate media archive and retrieved a program of videos from the late analog era in San Francisco. During this time Daniel was a member of the Mission District collective Artists’ Television Access, where these works screened. The 80 minute program spans a range of forms from agit prop, pranks, activist documentation, video art, anti-capitalist intervention, and plain old fun.

The tapes are no-budget, raw and playful— most of them produced on simple linear tape-to-tape analog editing systems. Looking back at this era it’s hard not to feel nostalgic for a kind of golden moment as anti-Gulf War protestors take over the Bay Bridge, beer-guzzling soapbox-racing bike messengers take over Bernal Heights for word-of-mouth stagings of The San Francisco Illegal Soapbox Society, and artists modify billboards, participate in anti-logging protests, and retrieve lost pieces of San Francisco’s counter cultural history.

All work presented on the original VHS tapes!"

Provisional selections, subject to change:
Shut Down Downtown Fogtown, Whispered Media, 8 min., 1990
Clarion Alley Mural Project, Jim Kavanaugh, 10 min, 1994
(Jack Wright, performance documentation, ATA Gallery), Bill Daniel, (excerpt), 1988
Slow Gin Soul Stallion, Animal Charm, 3 min, 1996
Thought Crimes in the Satiation Pool, Barry Schwartz, 7 min, 1989
Redwood Report, Greta Snider and Bill Daniel, 22 min, 1990
Circue, Lisa Brennan, 4 min, 1992
Bringing it to You, RT Mark (excerpt.), 1998
Hide, Eric Saks and Patrick Tierney, 1 min, 1990
Endless Endless Summer, Bill Daniel, (excerpt), 1988
On Any Third Sunday, San Francisco Illegal Soapbox Society, 20 min, 1995
Pie Fight 69, Christian Bruno and Sam Green, 7 min. 1999


88 Forsyth St, Atlanta, GA, 30303

SFVHS is a Film Love event. The Film Love series provides access to great but rarely seen films, especially important works unavailable on consumer video. Programs are curated and introduced by Andy Ditzler, and feature lively discussion. Through public screenings and events, Film Love preserves the communal viewing experience, provides space for the discussion of film as art, and explores alternative forms of moving image projection and viewing. Film Love was voted Best Film Series in Atlanta by the critics of Creative Loafing in 2006, and was featured in Atlanta Magazine's Best of Atlanta 2009.

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