FILM LOVE presents

A tribute

Friday, February 24, 2012
8:00 pm at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
$5 general | $3 student/senior | Free with ACAC membership

George Kuchar, K Mart Self Portrait (date unknown), courtesy Ada Gallery and George Kuchar

Film Love pays tribute to our beloved friend George Kuchar, who died in September 2011.

George Kuchar was one of cinemaís most spectacularly inventive figures, making wildly funny and intense films full of eye-popping imagery and a revolutionary DIY attitude. On February 24 at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Film Love will pay tribute to Kuchar with a program of films and videos spanning his career.

Hold Me While Iím Naked is often considered Kucharís masterpiece. Made at age twenty-three, it depicts George as a young filmmaker who tries to overcome his sexual frustration and social awkwardness by making movies. Eccentric, virtuosic, funny, and vulnerable, Hold Me While Iím Naked was voted one of the top 100 films of the twentieth century by the Village Voice Ė sitting on the list just behind Chaplin and Hitchcock.

I, An Actress is one of the funniest films ever made about filmmaking. While directing a screen test for a young woman, George canít resist getting in on the act and starts delivering the hilariously melodramatic dialogue himself. His impromptu performance has since become a classic among devotees.

Entering middle age in the 1980s, Kuchar began a remarkable series of diary videos that continued to the end of his life. In Precious Products and 500 Millibars to Ecstasy, George deals with his turbulent love life, anxieties about human interaction, and fascination with food as social ritual Ė accompanied by his witty asides to the audience, delivered in his distinctive Bronx accent. Like his melodrama films, the video diaries are brilliant, funny, occasionally shocking and deeply moving reflections on the relation of filmmaking to real life, with George impressively negotiating the double role of director behind the camera and protagonist in front of it.


I, An Actress (1977), 9 min, 16mm
Hold Me While I'm Naked (1965), 15 min, 16mm
Precious Products (1989), 15 min, video
500 Millibars to Ecstasy (1989), 16 min, video

The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
535 Means Street NW
Atlanta, GA, 30318

GEORGE KUCHAR is co-sponsored by the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.

GEORGE KUCHAR is a Film Love event, programmed and hosted by Andy Ditzler for Frequent Small Meals. Film Love promotes awareness of the rich history of experimental and avant-garde film. Through public screenings and events, Film Love preserves the communal viewing experience, provides space for the discussion of film as art, and explores alternative forms of moving image projection and viewing. Film Love was voted Best Film Series in Atlanta by the critics of Creative Loafing in 2006, and was featured in Atlanta Magazine's Best of Atlanta 2009.

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