FILM LOVE presents

We Are Winning, Don’t Forget
Works by Jean-Gabriel Périot
Filmmaker in person

Saturday, April 13, 2013
8:00 pm at {Poem 88}

Jean-Gabriel Périot, The Barbarians

"Périot’s work is distinguished for its intense, emotional approach to contemporary and historic political themes." – Sally Berger, Department of Film, Museum of Modern Art

Working with found footage and still photographs of historic events, Jean-Gabriel Périot creates videos of cumulative emotional power, works that tap into deep currents of history and memory.

In these videos, Périot uses diverse editing techniques and digital manipulations to literally run history backward (Undo), reconstruct a devastated Hiroshima (200000 Phantoms), remind us of hidden streams of power and authority in society (The Barbarians) and indict mob rule – even when they’re on "our side" (Even If She Had Been A Criminal…). These hard-hitting works are juxtaposed with shorter, acerbic pieces of irony and wit, skewering the conformities of gay assimilation (Before I Was Sad) and eco-consumerism (#67).

Unifying these works are Périot’s compassion for his subjects, unsentimental view of political resistance, and ability to avoid despair without denying its existence in our world. And his virtuosic repurposing of the resonant footage he finds provides another layer to these works: a deeply ambiguous take on media, imagery, and historical representation.

Périot’s videos have been shown in numerous screenings and exhibitions and on television worldwide, including such venues as the Tate Modern in London. On April 13, together with {Poem 88}, Film Love is proud to host Jean-Gabriel Périot on his first American tour – directly after his first solo screening at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The artist will introduce his work and answer questions.

Jean-Gabriel Périot's Atlanta appearance is supported by the Department of French and Italian at Emory University. We Are Winning, Don't Forget is organized by Amélie Garin-Davet and Steve Holmgren, and is presented with support from UnionDocs and The Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the Museum of Modern Art.

notes below by the artist

Nijuman no borei (200000 Phantoms) (2007), 10 min
"Hiroshima, 1914-2006."

The Devil (2012), 7 min
"’You don’t know what we are.’ A visual history of the American Civil Rights Movement."

Undo (2005), 10 min
"Today’s been sad. Tomorrow won’t get any better. Let’s un-do it all over again."

We Are Winning, Don’t Forget (2004), 7 min
"We are many, we are uniforms, we smile in the pictures, but we are NOT happy."

The Barbarians (2010), 5 min
"If politics were to come back, it could only be from its savage and disreputable fringe. Then, a muffled rumor shall arise whence that roar is heard: ‘We are scum! We are barbarian!’ (Alain Brossat)"

Even If She Had Been A Criminal… (2006), 10 min
"France, Summer 1944. The public punishment of women accused of having affairs with Germans during the war…"

#67 (2012), 2 min
"A film about politics and tomatoes."

Before I Was Sad (2002), 4 min
"Before I Was Sad is a very short animation movie about the utopia of integration. It’s the story of a gay man, sad of the gay way of life and trying to be ‘normal.’ The movie shows ironically that integration could destroy all the differences."

Between Dogs And Wolves (2008), 28 min
"A young man, looking for a job…"

{Poem 88}
White Provision Building
1100 Howell Mill Road, Suite A04
Atlanta GA 30318
Free parking in the garage behind the gallery

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