Projectionist Please Read!
Projection Instructions as Film Literature
Decatur Book Festival, August 30 - 31, 2014
curated by Andy Ditzler

Exhibition checklist        Notes on items in the exhibition

Live Actions

Morgan Fisher
Projection Instructions, 1976
16mm film, black & white, sound
4 minutes
screened on Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ken Jacobs
Projection instructions for Blonde Cobra, 1963
Film can with printed sheet
courtesy Ken Jacobs

Modifying the Room

Beverly Conrad and Tony Conrad
Projection instructions for Four Square, 1971
Film box with typewritten sheet and diagram
Film can with typewritten label
courtesy Tony Conrad

Tony Conrad
Operator Domains Landscape
Hand-drawn diagram of Four Square projection
courtesy Tony Conrad

Lynn Marie Kirby
Projection instructions for Fish and Liposuction, 1990
courtesy Lynn Marie Kirby

Malcolm Le Grice
Projection instructions for Castle One, 1966
Typewritten sheet with hand-drawn diagrams
courtesy Malcolm Le Grice

Double Projections

Barbara Rubin
Projection instructions for Christmas on Earth, 1963
Film cans with handwritten labels and typewritten sheet
courtesy Film-Makers’ Cooperative

Paul Sharits
Projection instructions for Shutter Interface, Versions A and B, 1975
Typewritten sheet with hand-drawn diagrams
courtesy Christopher Sharits

Works by Guy Sherwin

Guy Sherwin
Railings, 1977
Railings #2, 1977
Cycles #3, 1972/2003
Newsprint #2, 1972/2003

Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo
Vowels & Consonants, 2005/2006
all works courtesy Guy Sherwin

Projection Scripts

Jennifer Reeves
Projection script for Light Work Mood Disorder, 2007
courtesy Jennifer Reeves

Andy Warhol
Projection instructions for The Chelsea Girls, 1966

Projectable Different Directions

Antoni Pinent
Projection instructions for KINOSTURM KUBELKA/16 Variaciones, 2009
Printed text sheets, frame enlargements, and hand-drawn score of frame combinations
courtesy Antoni Pinent

No Film/All Films

Maļa Cybelle Carpenter
Projection instructions for Sans Titre, 2001
Film can with printed label
courtesy Maļa Cybelle Carpenter

Hollis Frampton
A Lecture, 1968
Pre-recorded spoken lecture on tape or CD, 16mm film projector at 18 frames per second, transparent red filter, pipe cleaner, no film
21 minutes
courtesy Harvard Film Archive
A Lecture is performed by Andy Ditzler on Saturday, August 30


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