Saturday, September 2, 2006
along with performanceS by Rhys Chatham's Guitar Army, Deerhunter, and One Umbrella
at Eyedrum

Part of Table of the Elements Festival #4, Day 3

images from Charlemagne 2: Piltzer by Pip Chodorov

A program of film and video featuring soundtracks and performances by composer and musician Charlemagne Palestine. Moira Tierney's "American Dreams #3," an evocation of New York on September 11, 2001, was cited in the 5th annual Village Voice Film Critic's Poll. Pip Chodorov's "Charlemagne 2: Piltzer" is a tour de force of hand-processed film which documents a Palestine piano concert. Chodorov uses flicker, negative/positive imagery, different printing techniques and colored filters to produce a film that is a true merging of sound and vision.

American Dreams #3 (Moira Tierney, 2002), 5 minutes, 16mm
Charlemagne 2: Piltzer (Pip Chodorov, 2002), 22 minutes, 16mm

Charlemagne Palestine: Filmworks is a Film Love event and is part of the Table of the Elements Festival #4.

images from American Dreams #3 by Moira Tierney

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