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A/V Geeks Greatest Hits
Friday, July 6, 2007
8:00 PM at Eyedrum

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Film Love presents A/V Geeks founder Skip Elsheimer hosting A/V Geeks Greatest Hits, an evening of selections from his collection of over 18,000 industrial, scientific and educational films. Skip tells us his program will feature "films that have really catchy/annoying songs from a variety of different genres. Great for singing along!" As Skip says:

What's so great about a lot of these films is that they're aimed at kids, and so when adults sit and kind of mull them over, lots of strange things start appearing. There's all this underlying sexuality that shows up that people start picking up on, and stuff that just doesn't seem appropriate right now for whatever reason. Hindsight gives us the ability to really look back and say, 'Oh, that's wrong, that's way wrong.'

A/V Geeks Greatest Hits is featured in Creative Loafing's Summer Guide for 2007. Read the interview with Skip here!

Films include:
Crash Bang Boom (1970) 10 min We learn about percussion instruments featuring marching bands, dancing kids and a groovy rock band.
Malakapaladoo Skip Two (1977) 10 min A cute film for kids about using their imagination or a clay-laced, folkmusic opus to hallucinogens? You decide.
Drugs Are Like That (1979) 16 min An attempt to warn kids about the dangers of drugs using Legos and a catchy song to make its point. Anita Bryant narrates!
Shake Hands with Danger (1980) 23 min A truly inspired film that uses a country music song to illustrate the dangers of working on heavy equipment. Some fake gore too!
Telezonia (1974) Kids are whisked away by a manchild in white tights, so they can sing about using the telephone. Creepy, but not in the way that you think.
VD is for Everybody (circa 1970) 30 sec A public service announcement that uses an infectious song to talk about an infectious disease.

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8:00 pm at Eyedrum
290 Martin Luther King Jr Dr Suite 8, Atlanta, GA, 30312

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