Atlanta Fourth Ward Improvisation Ensemble and Frequent Small Meals present
Openings: Music and Experimental Film

still from Opening by Madison Brookshire (2007)

Sunday, December 9, 2007
7:00 PM
at Eyedrum

A gathering of Atlanta’s finest improvisational musicians perform to silent experimental films.

The Atlanta Fourth Ward Improvisational Ensemble, led by Roger Ruzow, will perform newly created live soundtracks to short films by local, national and international filmmakers. The film imagery ranges from abstract, hand-drawn animation to video “circuit-bending” to the grandeur of Madison Brookshire’s landscape film Opening.

Including several world premieres and new works by Atlanta artists Oliver Smith and Robbie Land.

Musicians: Roger Ruzow, Jeff Crompton, Ben Gettys, Ben Davis, Chris Case, Keith Leslie, Rob Mallard

We have to leave the space by 8:30, so the show will start directly at 7.


Oliver Smith (Atlanta, GA)
videoFeed (2007), digital video, 6 minutes
Colorful imagery from circuit-bent video hardware.

DUO: Roger Ruzow, trumpet; Rob Mallard, tenor sax
DUO: Jeff Crompton, alto sax; Ben Davis, tenor sax
TRIO: Chris Case, keyboard; Ben Gettys, bass; Keith Leslie, percussion

Peter Snowdon (Brussels, Belgium)
tree stain man (hommage to stan) (2007), super-8mm and digital video (screened on DVD), 4 minutes  WORLD PREMIERE
An experimental round dance in three movements, composed using footage of trees taken in Oxford in spring 2001. My first ever roll of Kodachrome 40. A homage to the life-in-work of Stan Brakhage."

TRIO: Rob Mallard: tenor sax; Ben Davis, tenor sax; Chris Case, keyboard

Chris Lynn (Washington, DC)
London 4 - Clouds and the Docklands (2006), digital video, 6 minutes
London 5 - Unknown Year
(2007), super-8mm (screened on DVD), 4 minutes
Two portraits of the city. The grain and color of the super-8 film image contrasts with the digital video clarity of a rainy London day.

London 4 - TRIO: Chris Case, keyboard; Jeff Crompton, alto sax; Keith Leslie, percussion
London 5 - TRIO: Roger Ruzow, trumpet; Ben Davis, tenor sax; Ben Gettys, bass

Hugo Ball Room (San Francsico, CA)
Suite for Face (excerpts), 10 minutes, digital video
Video clips "processed from scenes in feature films in which an actor or actress emotes wordlessly, using facial expressions and posture to represent the evolution of a feeling, a realization, or a breakdown. The videos are intended to provide a context for improvising musicians to interpret in solo or small-group settings."

SOLOISTS: Roger Ruzow, trumpet; Keith Leslie, percussion; Ben Gettys, bass; Rob Mallard, tenor sax

Maryam Kashani (Austin, TX)
things lovely and dangerous still: a silent film for trumpet and drums (2006), 16mm, 12 minutes
A portrait in 16mm film, made by a filmmaker/DJ, and inspired by the poetry of June Jordan

DUO: Roger Ruzow, trumpet; Keith Leslie, percussion

Caroline Koebel (Brooklyn, NY)
Sea Lion (2007), 16mm, 3 minutes
”This hand processed Super 8 film marvels at the beauty of the movement of the sea lion. It reflects the fascination of the filmmaker’s two-year-old son with this animal new to his world.”

QUARTET: Jeff Crompton, alto sax; Chris Case, keyboard; Ben Gettys, bass; Keith Leslie, percussion

Caroline Koebel (Brooklyn, NY)
hole or space
(2006), 16mm, 3 minutes
“Pricks, gaps, dots, openings, hole or space takes its cue from contortionists of the early screen in spiraling out from conceptions of the body as whole. The film uses early cinema and avant-garde classics as its compositional notes.”

SEPTET: Jeff Crompton, alto sax; Ben Davis, tenor sax; Rob Mallard, tenor sax; Roger Ruzow, trumpet; Chris Case, keyboard; Ben Gettys, bass; Keith Leslie, percussion

Madison Brookshire (Los Angeles, CA)
Opening, 2007, 16mm, 25 minutes
This aptly titled work is a quiet but grand record of the contemporary American landscape.

TRIO: Jeff Crompton, alto sax; Ben Davis, tenor sax; Roger Ruzow, trumpet

Robbie Land (Atlanta, GA)
Greencameraless, 2007, 16mm, 6 minutes  WORLD PREMIERE
A recent work by the Atlanta film artist shows an inner landscape - a portrait in green, visual layers created by working directly on the filmstrip without a camera.

QUARTET: Ben Davis, tenor sax; Chris Case, keyboard; Ben Gettys, bass; Keith Leslie, percussion


290 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Suite 8
Atlanta, GA

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