two nights of music and film
presented by Andy Ditzler

Friday November 2 and Saturday November 3 at Eyedrum

including the fiftieth Film Love event, and performances by Victor B Bicycle, Colin Bragg, Daniel Clay and Nat Slaughter, and Andy Ditzler with his band

Friday, November 2:
Colin Bragg
Film Love #50
Victor B Bicycle

Saturday, November 3:
Daniel Clay and Nat Slaughter: Collaborative Topologies
Film Love #51
Andy Ditzler and band

Colin Bragg [solo ambient guitar]
Friday 11/2  8:00 PM

Colin Bragg creates evocative soundscapes using acoustic guitar, based on composed pieces, improvisation, and found sounds. These soundscapes are influenced by the music of Brian Eno and Ralph Towner, and the more inward, moodier excursions of the ECM label. Colin holds a Master's degree in Composition from the University of Georgia and is composer-in-residence for Crossover Movement Arts.

Film Love #50 [historical experimental film]
Friday 11/2 9:00 PM
experimental films and music, curated by Andy Ditzler

frames from Hojas de Maiz by Eric Theise

Eric Theise, Hojas de Maiz (2002), 16mm, 11 minutes
A handmade, cameraless film with abstract imagery and vibrant rhythm and color. Colin Bragg provides a live soundtrack, unique to this screening.
Ira Wohl, Co-Co Puffs (1972), 17 minutes, screened on VHS
Oscar-winning director Ira Wohl's 1972 film covers the unusual subject of a drum lesson. Underneath the surface, the filmmaker reveals many social and personal implications of the act of learning music. A true rarity, Co-Co Puffs has not been screened in public for many years and is shown at Eyedrum by special arrangement with Ira Wohl. "A celebration of counterculture values...we discover the painful process of learning, the inevitable failures, the ultimate triumph and the power relation between teacher and taught." (Amos Vogel, Film as a Subversive Art)
Rudolph Burckhardt, Eastside Summer (1959), 16mm, 11 minutes
New York's street photography virtuoso and master of the handheld camera takes a late-50s "walk on the Lower Eastside, colorful and teeming to the piano of Thelonious Monk."

Victor B Bicycle [solo acoustic Brazil-influenced pop]
Friday 11/2 9:30 PM

Victor B Bicycle performs highly infectious, bent-and-spindled songs, centered somewhere between the warmth of Caetano Veloso and the whimsical side of Syd Barrett, with an acoustic guitar style to match.


Daniel Clay and Nat Slaughter: Collaborative Topologies [sound art duo/field recordings]
Saturday 11/3  8:00 PM

These two Atlanta musicians and sound artists have embarked on a duo project, creating soundscapes using only field recordings made during their travels and their time in Atlanta. This duo project, called "Collaborative Topologies," is the latest manifestation of the long-running Public and Private artist collective.

Film Love #51 [historical experimental film]
Saturday 11/3  9:00 PM
a selection of films on childhood and memory, curated by Andy Ditzler

Alpsee (Matthias Müller, 1994)

Martin Arnold, passage a l'acte (1993), 16mm, 12 minutes
From the maker of the classic Pièce Touchee, another labor-intensive, subversive, frame-by-frame deconstruction of Hollywood. This time, Arnold takes a family dinner scene from the film To Kill a Mockingbird, and creates stuttering loops of sound and image to reveal the meanings behind tiny movements and small gestures.
Matthias Müller, Alpsee (1994), 16mm, 14 minutes
Müller's sumptuously colorful, Kenneth Anger-influenced film is a mysterious and memorable autobiographical glimpse of boyhood. "I could not take my eyes off the mellow colors of this film." - Christian Cargnelli
Andy Ditzler and Blake Williams, Dining Room (2006), digital video, 10 minutes
Dining Room was shot in one take within a single room and features a real-time monologue improvised during the shooting by Andy Ditzler. Alternately directing the camera movements and addressing the audience, Ditzler tells stories of the “pictures” taken during his life.

Andy Ditzler and band [pop songs and stories]
Saturday 11/3  9:30 PM


Frequent Small Meals Festival 2007 finishes with a special performance by Andy Ditzler with his band - a re-release celebration for the CD Songs From Yes and No.
Andy Ditzler's songs are intricate musical mosaics: 21st-century pop songs with an overlay of jazz, samba, rock, and electronica. Holding it all together at the core are Ditzler’s piano, voice, melodies and lyrics.
"Ditzler majored in music, but he’s really a philosopher and a storyteller who happens to make interesting, quirky musical theatre."
(Flagpole, Athens, GA)


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