part of Mondo Homo 2010

curated by Andy Ditzler and S. Andre Keichian

still image from Well Dressed (Elliott Montague, 2007)

from the program notes:

In putting together this year’s cinema program, we were most excited to remember that this festival is not only Homo but also Mondo. Thus, our program ranges freely (or veers wildly, even better) among documentary, video essays, autobiography, and art film; from works still in progress to a decades-old “orphan” film to true cinematic masters; 16mm classics and super-8 DIY and internet clips; New Orleans hip-hop and Toronto queer punk – more, more, put it all in, take it all off. We contain multitudes, and like the FTM trans man singing “Desperado,” we refuse to lose our highs and lows. Like our bodies, like cinema itself, this program is in progress. In the diversity, the disparity, and the chaos, we hope that you will find connections of your own to make.

selections include:

Beach Babe Push Pop, S. Andre Keichian, ATL 2010 digital video, 2 min

99 to 1: Ovarian Cancer and Me, Phoebe Brown, ATL 2007 digital video, 19 min

work in progress, Kean O’Brien, LA 2010 digital video, 18 min

Well Dressed, Elliot Montague, NY 2006 Super-8 film transferred to video, 10 min

Desperado, S. Andre Keichian, ATL 2010 video, 2 min

Ya Heard Me? (excerpt: Sissy Bounce), Matt Miller and Stephen Thomas, ATL 2008, video, 20 minutes

The Salivation Army, Scott Treleaven, Toronto 2001, video, 22 minutes

Kustom Kar Kommandos, Kenneth Anger, LA 1965, 16mm film, 3 minutes

Take Off, Gunvor Nelson, San Francisco 1972, 10 minutes

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