Film Love #70


Thursday, March 26, 2009
at Eyedrum
8:00 PM

Mark Street, still image from Guiding Fictions

New York filmmaker Mark Street works exuberantly across genres: from abstraction to diary films to improvised narrative features. Working with found films and his own exquisitely photographed footage of urban scenes, he adds further layers of visual beauty by hand-processing and hand-painting the films. At Eyedrum, Mark Street will present a selection of his films, introducing the works and answering questions about them.

For the last 20 years, Mark Street has found himself drawn to cities, with their endless possibilities, surprises and contradictions. How does the urban milieu serve our need to explore and wander, to be at once alone and in company? Street’s works update and expand our definition of the urban landscape film.
Fulton Fish Market (12 minutes, 2004) is an abstract portrait of a teeming urban market, and A Year (26 minutes, 2006) is a dynamic and conflicted middle aged diary film featuring Street’s anxious, deadpan onscreen commentary. Guiding Fictions (5 minutes, 2002) contrasts city and country, and Alone, Apart: the dream reveals the waking day (7 minutes, 2006) traces urban decay with hand processed 16mm film. Blue Movie (2000, 5 minutes) and Trailer Trash (2008, 5 minutes) appropriate 16mm film detritus (foraged on the street) into sublime and surprising cinematic tapestries. Also on the bill is Oskar Fischinger’s 1928 Munchen/Berlin Wanderung – a walk with a camera from one city to another – a between-city symphony.

Mark Street has shown work in the New York Museum of Modern Art, at Anthology Film Archives, Millennium, and the San Francisco Cinematheque. His work has appeared at the following film festivals: Tribeca, Sundance, Rotterdam, New York, London, San Francisco, New York Underground, Sarajevo, Viennale, Ourense (Spain), Mill Valley, South by Southwest, and others. He is Assistant Professor of Film in the Visual Art Department at Fordham University, Lincoln Center.

Mark Street in A Year (2006)

films by
Mark Street
Fulton Fish Market (35mm, 12 minutes, 2004) screened on digital video
A Year (digital video, 26 minutes, 2006)
Guiding Fictions (35mm, 5 minutes, 2002) screened on digital video
Alone, Apart: the dream reveals the waking day (digital video, 7 minutes, 2006)
Blue Movie (16mm, 2000, 5 minutes)
Trailer Trash (16mm, 2008, 5 minutes)

Oskar Fischinger: Munchen/Berlin Wanderung (1928, 7 minutes)
("In the summer of 1927, Fischinger walked from Munich to Berlin, carrying his camera and equipment in a backpack. This film consists of single-frame images of he took of people and landscapes he encountered along the way.")

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