filmstrip from restored New Orleans home movies of Helen Hill

Therefore I Live: Home Movies, Personal Cinema, and the Avant-Garde
Here Now

The Atlanta Footage Project and Recent Artists' Films from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast
Saturday, October 21, 2006
8:00 pm at Eyedrum

For the Atlanta Footage Project, local artists and videomakers contribute footage of 2006 Atlanta in an attempt to document the city as we know it today. This poetic documentary contains imagery from throughout the city and a panoply of voices commenting on Atlanta today. Interviews by K. Tauches; edited by Blake Williams; music by Daniel Clay; produced by Andy Ditzler.

Accompanying the Atlanta Footage Project is vintage footage of African-American Atlanta from the 1930s, originally made for a documentary. These rare motion picture images show such landmarks as the Ponce de Leon baseball stadium.

Beginning the evening is a selection of film and video works by New Orleans artists, made since Hurricane Katrina. Filmmaker Helen Hill's home movies, restored after flooding, show "haunting decayed imagery of lives so suddenly and drastically displaced by water." Chicago filmmaker Liza Johnson's South of Ten poetically shows the attempts of Mississippi Gulf Coast families to carry on their lives after the hurricane. Blaine Dunlap's Our Bones is a wrenching but defiantly hopeful tour through the landscape of post-Katrina New Orleans.

Liza Johnson, South of Ten (2006), 35mm, color, sound, 10 minutes
Helen Hill, restored New Orleans home movies (2005), super-8, color, silent, 6 minutes
Courtney Egan and Helen Hill, Cleveland Street Gap (2006), 3 minutes
Blaine Dunlap, Our Bones (2005), video, color, sound, 5 minutes
All selections screened on DVD

Outtakes from
Parade of Progress (1936), 16mm, black & white, sound and silent, 5 minutes (screened on VHS) courtesy the Kenan Research Center at the Atlanta History Center
The Atlanta Footage Project (2006), video, color, sound, 18 minutes (screened on DVD)

THEREFORE I LIVE is a Film Love event, programmed and hosted by Andy Ditzler for Atlanta Celebrates Photography and Frequent Small Meals.

All screenings take place at 8:00 pm at Eyedrum, 290 Martin Luther King
Jr Dr Suite 8, Atlanta, GA, 30312


Blaine Dunlap, Our Bones

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