The Films of Jim Trainor
Friday, January 6, 2006
Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA

A screening devoted to the hand-drawn, animated work of Chicago filmmaker Jim Trainor.

The films were selected and ordered by Jim Trainor, and the evening was hosted by Atlanta artist Andrew Ross.

The Magic Kingdom (2002), 16mm color live-action film, with animation, 7 minutes.
The Moschops (2000), 16mm b/w animation, 13 minutes.
The Bats (1998), 16mm b/w animation, 8 minutes.
The Fetishist (1997), 16mm b/w animation, 38 minutes.
The Ordovicians (2004), 16mm b/w puppet animation (with Lisa Barcy), 5 minutes.
Harmony (2004), 16mm color animation, 12 minutes.

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