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Program Two:
Sky Bed Piece

The classic Bed-In documentary and John and Yoko's luminous short film Apotheosis

Friday, March 25, 2011
9:00 pm at the Plaza Theater
$10    ($8 if attending both programs one and two)

Yoko Ono and John Lennon: Montreal Bed-In, 1969
Photo by Ivor Sharp ©Yoko Ono

From the beginning of their relationship, John and Yoko moved steadily toward a public collaboration as artists and political activists. The crushing attention of the press on their personal lives was a catalyst for one of their most well-known events, the Bed-In: a honeymoon spent lying on a bed for a week, open to the press, in promotion of peace. This ingenious response functioned simultaneously as performance art, political protest, publicity stunt, and personal statement on the media.

Directed by Ono and Lennon, Bed-In is a fascinating documentary of this event – with two very charismatic subjects in one of their most extreme situations. Among the many high points are a hostile confrontation with a conservative cartoonist, John on long distance telephone to Berkeley, talking down protesters as things get violent there, and the recording of the classic version of “Give Peace a Chance.”

Apotheosis is a John-and-Yoko film collaboration which lifts off in a literal illustration of Ono’s career-long preoccupation with the sky. With cameraman and sound recordist inside, a hot-air balloon drifts past John and Yoko in closeup, lifts, and slowly ascends. Spending long moments inside the clouds, it finally breaks through to the magnificent sky and sun above.

Bed-In (Yoko Ono and John Lennon, 1969) 61 minutes
Apotheosis (Yoko Ono and John Lennon, 1970) 19 minutes

The Plaza Theater
1049 Ponce De Leon Avenue
Atlanta Georgia 30306

YOKO ONO: REALITY DREAMS is co-sponsored by the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and the departments of Visual Arts, Women's Studies, Film Studies, and American Studies at Emory University.

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