FILM LOVE presents
YOKO ONO: reality dreams

Program Four: Flux Fly Body Music
an evening of Yoko Ono's pioneering work across genres

Friday, April 1, 2011
8:00 pm at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
$5     ($3 with Contemporary membership)

Yoko Ono: FLY, 1970 Directed by Yoko Ono © Yoko Ono

Performance, painting, sculpture, sound, music, installation, conceptual art, “instruction pieces,” and film: Yoko Ono’s fearless work across artistic disciplines – some of which she had a hand in inventing – is the subject of this evening at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.

Selections from 1966’s Fluxfilm Anthology explore Ono’s close ties with artists in the Fluxus movement, while Takahika Iimura’s short documentary This Is Not Here chronicles the goings-on at the opening of Ono’s 1971 museum retrospective. The enigmatic, absorbing film Fly, a collaboration with John Lennon, features the human body as landscape, with an improvised vocal soundtrack – one of Ono's most engaging musical works.

The evening concludes with the audience helping to realize a new version of Ono’s 1964 Film Script #3. One of Ono’s innovative “instruction pieces,” this film script asks the audience to “cut the part of the image on the screen that they don’t like.” In this way, the audience members help create the work together and on the spot. Film Script #3 has rarely – if ever – been presented, so this Atlanta version is a unique opportunity to directly experience one of Ono’s interactive conceptual works.

Selections from the Fluxfilm Anthology, including:
    Disappearing Music for Face (Fluxfilm 4) (Chieko Shiomi, 1966) 10 minutes
    Four (Fluxfilm 16) (Yoko Ono, 1966) 6 minutes
    Smoking (Fluxfilm 18) (Joe Jones, 1966) 6 minutes
Freedom (Yoko Ono, 1970) 1 minute
Fly (Yoko Ono, 1970) 25 minutes
This Is Not Here (Taka Iimura, 1972) 18 minutes
Film Script #3 (Yoko Ono, 1964)
    Film Script #3 is presented with the kind permission of Yoko Ono

The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
535 Means Street NW
Atlanta, GA, 30318

YOKO ONO: REALITY DREAMS is co-sponsored by the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and the departments of Visual Arts, Women's Studies, Film Studies, and American Studies at Emory University.

YOKO ONO: REALITY DREAMS is a Film Love event, programmed and hosted by Andy Ditzler for Frequent Small Meals. Film Love promotes awareness of the rich history of experimental and avant-garde film. Through public screenings and events, Film Love preserves the communal viewing experience, provides space for the discussion of film as art, and explores alternative forms of moving image projection and viewing. Film Love was voted Best Film Series in Atlanta by the critics of Creative Loafing in 2006, and was featured in Atlanta Magazine's Best of Atlanta 2009.

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