House concerts, salons, and visual arts events

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Past events:

May 9, 2010
FSM House concert:
Natural Rhythms
Terry Garthwaite
Becky Reardon
Elise Witt


  August 1, 2009
Vocal workshop:
moira smiley and VOCO


  March 15, 2009
FSM House concert:
Kate Long and Robin Kessinger


September 28, 2008
FSM House concert: Laura Fuentes


July 27, 2008
FSM House concert: Anthony Braxton's Falling River Musics


February 19, 2008
FSM House concert:
and Daniel Clay


July 8, 2007
FSM music salon
Kinah Boto on his music and handmade drums
Brian Parks: Lecture on Phasing

March 4, 2007
FSM Songwriters Salon: Elia Eidelman

February 11, 2007
FSM Songwriters Salon: Daniel Clay


February 2007:
Visual Arts: Lynn Marie Kirby at Eyedrum


March 2006:
Visual and Sound Arts: Juul Sadée at Eyedrum

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